Hello there and I formally welcome you to SL Design Accessories website. I am from the beautiful eastern suburbs of Melbourne where I make, create and design all my beautifully handmade handcrafted large range of hair accessories amongst other things in my little shed and studio at home.


This all began about 8 years ago but have only been creating hair accessories for 4 of the past years. So let me tell the story on how it all began..I started off with my little hobby of crafts including sewing quilts and making mosaic masterpeices and then I had an interest in Melbourne Cup hat/fascinator designs which led to family and friends buying my designs and i actually won a Yarra Valley fashion on the fields award which was very exciting.


From here I opened a shop in a little street in Chirnside Park and my hobby was blossoming into a business.. I also started a range of handmade handbags in leather, suede and other fabrics and summer hats too..but yet i wasn't totally satisfied with my craft so i ventured into smaller crafts like kids hair accessories where I could do so many different designs and styles and this is where I am today and have never looked back. I don't have my shop today but I know enjoy traveling around and interacting with all my wonderful customers and new faces I meet.


At SL Design Accessories all our designs are handcrafted by myself with love and passion. Every design is different and unique and the feeling it gives me when a child has purchased a SL Design Accessories product is overwhelming with the smiles on there faces especially when i see them wearing the product 12 month down the track. It's so very rewarding.


I bring in so many new products all the time and we travel all over Melbourne from market to market and festival to festival to bring you new products that excite you just as they excite me.


SL Design Accessories have such unique and individual designs that you will never find them in a retail store as they are made with uniqueness, love and passion.. find us at markets and festivals around Melbourne.





A slideshow of my handmade handcrafted

products and market displays